Bailey Law Firm offers trusted, expeditious, and focused services to a wide range of financial institutions, from single-branch community banks to financial and bank holding companies. Our experienced and dedicated practice group can handle, alone or in concert with your in-house counsel, a variety of your legal needs from state and federal chartering, mergers, and compliance, to preparing state-of-the-art loan document packages that are tailored to the specific requirements of your lending transactions.

Lender Representation

A core profit-generating activity in the business of banking is lending money. Our attorneys have the skill and combined experience that can meet the highest-end needs of your most complicated transactions. Among the many services we provide to our banking clients are:

  • Negotiating and Drafting of Loan Documents
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiating and Drafting of Loan Participation Agreements
  • Securitization of Debt
  • UCC and County Security Filings
  • Drafting of Personal Guaranties and Other Alternative Lender Security Instruments
  • Title Examination for Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Loan Restructuring and Foreclosures

Chartering, Mergers and Acquisitions

Bailey Law Firm represents its financial industry clients at all stages of their life cycle. Whether you are starting a single-branch traditional community bank or setting up a financial holding company to offer a wider range of financial services to a broader client base, our attorneys will guide you through the intricacies of the federal or state rules and regulations specific to your needs and business model. Our practitioners will work with the federal and state regulators on your behalf to secure an expeditious issuance of the required charter at the lowest possible cost. If your performance is robust and your business growing, Bailey Law Firm will be ready to step in and help you negotiate and memorialize an acquisition of an additional branch or branches, in or out of Texas, and caution you against any potential regulatory fallbacks such merger or acquisition may entail. Our attorneys will perform all necessary due diligence on your behalf and work with both you and your new team or partners to secure a smooth and seamless transition of the acquired business into your organizational structure.


The financial industry is one of the most regulated in the nation. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Dodd-Frank Act (including the Volcker Rule), Bank Holding Company Act, Investment Company Act, and the related rules and regulations are among the many laws that may affect your business decisions and structure. Furthermore, with the Basel 3 rules now fully implemented in the United States, your financial institution now faces an additional compliance burden of added ratios, modified minimum liquidity and capital requirements, and extra stress tests.

Bailey Law Firm will work with your counsel and your entire team to navigate you through the complexities of this regulatory environment. Our accomplished practitioners will draft plain language internal policies and procedures that are simple and easy to follow. We offer you trusted advice on formulating proactive business strategies that are compliant with the current laws and regulations and that will help you and your business achieve further success.

In addition, our attorneys will participate in the administrative rulemaking and proceedings on your behalf to secure the most favorable outcome of any regulatory or enforcement action that may adversely affect your national or international business structure and performance. Advocacy before the Federal Reserve Board, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, FINRA, the Financial Stability Oversight Council, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or any other federal or state regulatory body.

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Skilled and experienced representation is an essential component in minimizing the risks and maximizing the rewards of any matter related to the business of banking. Whether you are a single-branch state bank or a systemically important financial institution (SIFI), Bailey Law Firm will work with you to make sure that your needs are met as promptly and effectively. For any inquiries on how we can help you, please contact us today.