When Do I Need A Business Attorney?

Business owners tend to prefer to be independent whenever possible, choosing to attempt to solve their problems themselves rather than seek outside help. However, there are many situations when working without the advice and guidance of an attorney will lead to unnecessary legal problems that could have been easily prevented. By investing in the advice… Read More

How Can Divorce Affect Your Business?

In the absence of any prior arrangements, a business created during a marriage is considered joint property of the couple in Texas. Because of this and in almost all cases, both spouses will have some amount of ownership rights in a business owned by both or either spouse. A business started during the marriage will… Read More

Do You Need Life Insurance?

Cost/Benefit Analysis for Life Insurance Every month some people put money into expensive life insurance policies which they may not need rather than having more money to put into groceries, rent, or a college fund for their children.  Typically, young, healthy adults who don’t have children could be making better investments than putting money into… Read More