Facilitating Successful Texas Business Transactions

Bailey Law Firm has an outstanding record with in-depth experience in representing both large and small companies. We help our clients understand the risks and benefits of transactions that others may not see. Think about all the decisions you make and how much money is invested in those decisions. When you have a business lawyer on hand, you have someone who can point out the legal implications of the transaction behind all the legal jargon. Attorneys at Bailey Law Firm have participated in the formation of partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, joint ventures and the like.

We help you navigate the road ahead and spot issues coming around the bend, so you can focus on your business and its success.

Invest In Your Business With Our Business Advice

Attorneys at Bailey Law Firm often serve as Business General Counsel to small and emerging companies, helping them handle all the details of a successful growth strategy.

We assist entrepreneurs in navigating the complex issues involved in forming, funding and operating an early stage business. We are focused on providing our clients with personalized attention, competitive cost structures and access to our firm’s extensive experience.


There is no simple solution that works for every business. Get advice on your business plan, corporate structure, employee contracts, and bylaws. For example, our in-depth consultation can guide you towards choosing between an LLC, and LLP, or a Corporation. If you’re just getting started, it’s recommended to make sure everything is in line with local, state, and national laws. For starting entrepreneurs though, these laws aren’t obvious. An attorney at Bailey Law Firm can take you from ideas to decisions in regards to how you set your business up.

Emerging Companies

For executives who’ve been at the helm a bit longer, we serve seasoned entrepreneurs and large corporations as well. An attorney at Bailey Law Firm can provide legal assistance when you are ready to reorganize, sell your company, or buy a new one. For more information please visit our Mergers & Acquisitions Services page.  You can depend on us to handle all of the make-or-break transactions of your business.

Corporate Representation

Bailey Law Firm is talented in all areas of corporate law necessary to guide emerging companies through their organization, capital formation and business development:

Entity Formation

We advise on all aspects of entity formation, including entity selection, organization and preparation of governing documents.

Capital Formation

We routinely guide our clients through the capital formation process, including Angel and seed rounds, bridge financings, venture financings and other private placements, and can assist in navigating developing crowdfunding alternatives.

Offering Memorandum

We assist clients in preparing offering materials, including term sheets and private placement memoranda.


We provide guidance in forming and maintaining effective boards of directors and advisory boards.

General Counseling

We invest in our clients by becoming familiar with their business models and strategic initiatives. This enables our attorneys to function in lieu of general counsel for many early stage companies, advising founders, their management teams and boards regarding both fundamental business decisions and routine compliance matters.


Bailey Law Firm can host seminars on hiring, compensation practices, financing alternatives, liquidity events, data privacy and other topics relevant for growing companies.

Ownership Transition

When your company is ready, we will guide you through the preparation for and consummation of ownership transition events, whether through a merger or acquisition or succession planning techniques.

Team Based Approach

In addition to corporate legal services, Bailey Law Firm leverages the knowledge of its various practice areas to provide guidance in virtually all legal facets of the enterprises’ development:

Intellectual Property

With outside advisors, we assist in various aspects of intellectual property management, including transfers of intellectual property from founders and third parties, trademark and copyright evaluation and registration, data privacy and employee intellectual property assignments and policies.

Employment and Compensation  

We assist in drafting and negotiation offer letters, employment agreements, consulting agreements, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements in addition to structuring cash and equity incentive compensation programs. Bailey Law Firm also guides clients in establishing employment policies.

Marketing, Privacy and Online Advertising

Our Advertising, Marketing & Promotions attorneys advise Internet and mobile marketing companies, content providers, web publishers, marketing affiliate programs and online entrepreneurs in a wide array of matters relating to digital and mobile marketing.

Real Estate

Our clients are able to draw on our real estate attorneys’ in-depth knowledge and creative deal-making experience for assistance in negotiating and closing on leases and real estate purchases. For more information please visit our Real Estate Services page.


Working with outside advisors, Bailey Law Firm attorneys assist clients in making the right choices for their particular companies, helping clients avoid potentially costly tax planning mistakes.

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The future success of your business depends on the transactions you make today. An experienced lawyer can help your business grow — today and tomorrow. At Bailey Law Firm, we can help you facilitate successful business transactions. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business.