Negotiation, Understanding, Collaboration and Protection

We frequently advise and represent independent directors and special committees in connection with mergers and acquisitions and related party transactions.

Our work history includes advising clients in a variety of industries and on a variety of transaction types such as negotiations, due diligence collection, and drafting agreements.

Buying or selling an existing business can be time consuming and intimidating. We will work with you to understand and document your unique transactions. Optimizing the deal structure can save both parties money and make your deal easier to negotiate. We strive to understand your company and the transaction so we can efficiently negotiate and effectively document your transaction.

Merger and acquisition transactions are among the most complex and heated of business arrangements. We have experience in negotiating and completing these transactions.

Perhaps the main issue that many businesses face during mergers and acquisition is that they have no idea how to protect the value of the transactions that they are making. While our team will offer guidance on how to protect value of transactions, we will also offer assistance regarding how to maximize that value. During each step of the process Bailey Law Firm will identify and evaluate legal risks; keeping you fully informed so you can make the best decisions for you and your business. Our job is to consider all aspects of your transaction to help you achieve your goals.

Working together with colleagues in our firm and outside trusted advisors, we are able to structure, negotiate and complete these complex transactions in the most advantageous manner possible for our clients. In connection with M&A opportunities, we also provide advice to boards of directors, board committees (including special committees), senior management and shareholders on a wide range of related corporate governance matters.

Due Diligence

The complex nature of mergers and acquisitions law requires proper due diligence to be certain critical details are not overlooked. When representing the acquirer, we work closely with our clients to establish the right team of experts to review the target company’s existing contractual obligations and other essential agreements, so that our client is fully aware of the material risks involved. We assist clients in their review of outstanding liabilities carried by the target company. Our goal is to help provide an accurate assessment of the target’s key assets.

Because we are a mergers and acquisitions law firm that takes a collaborative approach to serving our clients, you will benefit from keen insight provided by experienced M&A lawyers.

Joint ventures and strategic alliances can facilitate a company’s ability to react to dynamic business environments and to successfully achieve critical business objectives. While they can be notoriously difficult to structure and negotiate, working with skilled advisors of joint ventures is a critical first step in ensuring the potential for success.


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