Houston: An Ideal International Investment Destination

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The Houston area is an ideal location for international investments. Already hosting a booming economy and a huge, well-educated population, things are only looking up in the future. Both now and moving forward, Houston continues to be the perfect place to form and expand your international business.

Access to Markets

Houston has close connections to an unparalleled network of suppliers and consumers. The cities of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin form a triangle, commonly known as either the Texas Triangle or the Texaplex, containing four of the eleven largest cities in the United States. Through quick access to major domestic and international highways, airports, and seaports, Houston has exceptionally good access to the rest of the United States and international markets, as well: Texas is the largest exporter of goods in the United States, and a majority of these goods are produced in the Texaplex.

High Quality Educational Institutions

The Houston area is home to five state universities, three community college systems, and several private universities. Texas as a whole contains twelve universities considered among the best in the world, giving businesses in the region access to an educated workforce and a number of quality research institutions. There are a wide variety of state incentives for businesses to take advantage of, making research and development in partnership with Texas institutions as accessible and affordable as possible.

Population Growth

The Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area is the fifth-largest in the United States and is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. In the next fifteen years Houston’s population is projected to increase by almost three million people. Houston’s size and growth will continue to provide the area’s businesses with large and growing pools of potential employees, suppliers, and consumers, ensuring that its ideal business enviroment continues to exist and improve well into the future

Quality of Life

In addition to these numerous advantages for the area’s businesses, Houston can be an exciting and fulfilling place to live. As recently profiled by Anthony Bourdain for CNN, Houston is a cosmopolitan, modern city with a vibrant culture far more diverse than the stereotypical Texas town. Boasting world-class performing arts institutions, museums, sports teams, and more restaurants per capita than any other city in the world, Houston is as welcoming for international investors themselves as it is for their investments.

We Can Help

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